Gift for Life - the feel-good gift!

Welcome to Gift for Life where you’ll find unique gifts such as goats, chickens and vaccinations to give to someone in need on behalf of someone else.

Simply pick a charity gift and we’ll give it to a family in the developing world. You’ll receive a card in the post to give to your loved one to let them know what a positive impact they’ve made in someone’s life.

Most Popular Gifts

Sweet as Shoes $5.00 Cheap Chook $12.00 Farmer Training $25.00 I Got You Babe $30.00
Ewe Baaeuty! $45.00 Mrs Goat $50.00 100% Pure $60.00 Long Drop Toliet $70.00
Freedom From Slavery $120.00 Tools for Toiling $250.00 High School Scholarship $270.00 Chicken Farm $420.00

How it works

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