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Thanks for stopping by Gift for Life. We have unique gifts starting from just $5. Give a goat, a pair of sandals, or even a chicken! But don’t worry; you won’t have to wrap them up! When you buy from the Gift for Life website, you receive a card which represents an actual gift that will be given to a family in the developing world. That’ll make everyone feel good!

How it works

Most Popular Gifts

The Good Book $5.00 Handle the Sandal $5.00 A Cheap Chook $12.00 Farmer Training $25.00
Newborn Care $30.00 A Sheep for Ewe $45.00 Mr Goat $50.00 Safe Sip $60.00
Stop Traffick $120.00 Tools for Toiling $250.00 Free Education $270.00 Chook House $420.00

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